Un-ortodox 2-way

My biggest speaker project from articles in AudioXpress back in sep - Nov 2004. This was a design for a ported two-way speaker using HiVi Research M8a, an 8" woofer with Vifa XT-25 ringradiator. The choice of these two drivers neccitates the use of very sharp cutoff frequences so a 4-pole elliptic filter is used.

A big problem was the use of an off the shelf box in the articles - Woodstyle WS123REV. I hade to find data for that chassis, calculate the inner volume and deduct the volume of the braces that were glued inside the box. Phew!
Finally with the required volume I made a rough calculation what dimensions my box would have, remembering a sort of guideline that W x H x D should (optimally) have the relations 3 x 5 x 2 or something similar.
Anyway, I ended up with my heavy boxes in 22mm MDF and a front, that I managed to saw according to the inner width of the box (DOH!) and had to add a slice of birch wood. Else, everything is according to the original plans. God! the articles are 14 years old!!! It still took med several years to get on with the project mostly because of the costs. The HiVi drivers were ordered from Madisound and tweeters bought locally (Sweden). But the chock was the components to the X-over. It's really hard to think that a few caps and coils may dig such a deep hole in your wallet. I picked all components from Strassacker in Germany. It's a perfect place to do this kind of shopping as they offer choices of different componets and gives guidelines what components in a crossover must be of better quality and which can be of a budget model.

The speakers are working and I am just trying to finish any of my many heavier amplifier projects in order to have more than 3W for driving the speakers.











HiVi M8a

Tymphany XT25